How can I achieve a better gain on the ACT?!?

I've taken the ACT just last year and I score a 17! Taking in consideration that I was out of conservatory for 2 years. I bombed the math section that was the member that killed my score [I recieved a particularly high score on the Reading].

I call for help. Any tips on how I could get some tutoring?

Answers:    Get into some ACT Prep classes, or bring back a ACT prep book, (those are extremely helpful) The princeton review is good, but personally I close to the Kaplan version of it. Mainly because it has alot more practice test and tips on how to answer the questions.

The national average for the ACT is a 21, so your not that far behind. =]

Just bump up those math score, and a 17 is not bad for being out of arts school for 2 years.

Hope this helped, and Good Luck! =]
Sit with a review book (I'd suggest the 'Princeton Review') and move about through each section of the book. It have great tips and inside info into the test which really helped me. You hold plenty of time until the next ACT exam so you should be fine once the test comes around. And do the practice examination: don't try and simulate the testing conditions, though... that never works and is just b.s.. Good Luck!!

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