Beijing Language and Culture University supporting documents?

Question:I'm trying to apply at BLCU and the website keeps talking about "supporting documents" to send along with the application. But it never says *what* those documents are as I'm not going into the BA program but simply the 1 year language program.

Any ideas or links to where this information is?

Contact the following link:

The Admission Office for Foreign Students
Beijing Language and Culture University
15 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100083
Tel: 86—10—82303951, 82303086(for long-term), 82303088 (for short-term)
Fax: 86—10—82303087
E-mail: (for long-term), ,
( for short-term)
If you are talking about visa requirements, check out this web site, you'll find everything you need with regards to study or work in China.

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