Australians! help me! if you know about Australian high schools.?

Question:I am thinking about becoming a foreign exhange student to Australia from the US and i am worried about picking up and leaving my schoolwork here and not have the same courses in Australia because that will mess my education in the US up. Is there a system like the AP (Advanced Placement) system in the US? Also can you take these courses, or the equivilant?

Chemistry AP,Physics Pre-Ap,Pre-Calculus Pre-AP,English 3 AP?

Hey there, I live in New Zealand but I went to school in Sydney last year.

Yes you can do all those subjects. You actually have do 6 subjects, except in your last year you can do 5.

I suggest you go to Sydney for your exchange. Check with you school because they may make you repeat a year when you return or they may say that the year in Australia is the same as in the USA.

You will usually get a choice of which country you'd like to go to, you choose 3. Then you choose which city you'd like. They you are place with a family and go to what ever school is closest to them, public school.

I'm not sure what the system is in the USA but in Australia they have the HSC(in New South Wales). You don't say how old you are but if you are 16 you'll be doing Pre-lim, which doesn't really count for anything, it's just a practice for the next year. In the last year of school you spend the year learning, doing assignments and you have end of year exams. Then you recieve an average percentage. To get into different courses you must have a higher than __%.

Good Luck.

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