Anyone studyed Administration?

Question:My plan is to study this course in college this september.. Has Anyone done it NvQ 1 or 2 in administration.. Wat can they tell me about it???

I am currently completing my NVQ 2, and recently completed my NVQ1. I didnt do my GCSE'S so it was a great way to prove i have brains. the nvq2 is equal to 3 A levels, so yes it definately does count for something these days.
Its a rubbish wage when you do NVQ1 but its worth it in the end!
I say definately go for it. I did admin in an estate agents, i am now a full time negotiator, and have qualififcations in administration and i'm only 18! Its best to keep your options open!
Yes, lots of people have STUDIED administration.
ask Ken Bates at Leeds utd fc, he should be an expert now
looking at your grammar i'd reccomend filling out that McDonald application form
Yes I did an NVQ2 in Admin about 8 years ago - its a qualification that is very easy to get and it counts for nothing.
I've done NVQ II and III and yeah, it's pretty worthless BUT it looks good on your CV and alot of employers like it. I did it about 10 years ago so I'm not sure what it's about now but if it's a work-based competance thing then you should be able to gather the evidence with no trouble at all. Good luck hon!
I did an NVQ level 2 in business administration about 13 years ago and have since been able to get administrative jobs easier. I really enjoyed it and did not find it too hard but there is a lot of work involved. Good luck.
I have an NVQ 2 in administration that I gained 10 years ago.

It was full time for a year (four days a week) and we studied general admin in modules which was basically a question and answer thing on paper (which was easy - boring stuff like types of envelopes, sending a fax etc etc). We also were taught how to touch type, set out letters, audio type, use of Excel, Mailmerge etc etc. and shorthand. We also had to find a work experience placement (for one or two weeks - I can't remember).

we had two sets of exams - one mid and one at the end of the course on text processing i.e. typing and audio typing. You get certificates for all at the end so it looks good in your folder at interviews.

It was a good course as it pretty much includes everything you need to work in an office. I have worked as an Administrator/PA since I left uni and although now some of the computer packages have changed in the 10 years and email is used a lot more, it has still been very helpful for me and always looks good on your CV, no matter what sort of job you are going for.

It was also a laugh, hanging out with 9 other girls for a year and the teachers were nice.

Go for it!
I did Level 2 at College 16 years ago, and Level 3 also at college 15 years ago. They were SO easy, even back then. It does NOT require any concentration. I did 4 days a week at college and 1 day a week 'work experience', at the same time I was working on Typing, Wordprocessing and Shorthand exams.

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