Abt GRE and TOEFL. just how many times can u take em??

Question:if i want to improve my score on the gre can i take it again without worrying abt it being a second attempt?.
i heard from others that a second attempt score would be counted as somethin lik 0.9*(the new score) while applying for the universities.
also help me with TOEFL ibt.. how to go about preparin for it..etc..

btw i'm from india.

it is true that universities will take into account how many times you take the GRE. some will average the difference between scores, others will weight it at 90%. your best bet is to check with the universities admission office.

as to the TOEFL--to prep i'd suggest buying a prep book from the book store, or amazon.com, and going through it once on your own. if you're not sufficiently convinced you'll do well, take a prepatory class at your local university or community school.
For TOEFL - use the KAPLAN prep book (it comes with a CD) ... buy it ... its worth it

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