As an Oracle Apps DBA what MS degree can I select?

Question:I am an Oracle Apps DBA working in an MNC. As a career boost I like to pursue a MS degree in U.S. Can naybody help me with what MS core specialisation I can select and which universities offer those? And for your information I am a resident of India.

I am very much satisified with this filed and so I dont want to switch to any other field. But I know that doing MS will be helpful for any career.

So please do advice.

I suggest to go for a master degree in Computer Science and not go for too much of specialization. Check with the Computer Science department of the universities closest to you. Talk with professors and students there to get a feeling of the quality of education. Then make your decision based on what YOU find most interesting.

The other option would be to go for an MBA if you are interested in the business side.

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