ACCA , where to study in London ?

Question:I am wondering where is the best place to do an ACCA, and how long would it normall take , I am working as well, but I have been exempted from the first 5 papers?
Also is it really hard or ??

Thank you very much

LCA or london college of accountancy is THE best place to study, the whole acca course takes 3 years to complete the first 5 papers would mean you have to start at 2.3 business taxation? or the eqivalent from the new sylabus I believe that the last 3 papers from part 2 are the hardest and the bonus is that some of the part 3 papers are optional.

LCA offers evening classes and I believe they may also do weekend classes if you are working full time, they are quite prices but if you need to know more go to and they will have details of every college in your region and what they offer.

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