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Question:Hi... I am from Romania and I plan to apply for an American college as soon as I graduate highschool, but I can't decide on whatever college I should apply for... I have very good grades, and I study hard, but I don't know where to apply. It has to be a good college and it has to be in a big city. I would love your suggestions... ;)

Well, you need to find the best college for you. This depends on your major (field of study), interests and personality. Here is a good article on how to choosing the best college:

You could also use rankings that list the top colleges in the US and other countries:
What is it that you enjoy or want to study in America. Our top Universities, Yale, Harvard, and Princeton are good schools but the question in choosing a college is not "the best college" but "the best college for YOU"

US News and World Report is good at rating collges and universities on many levels

Plus College Confidential which is less as prominent as US News and World Report but as some think, more accurate and direct.

Have an idea of the kind of school you want to live it, Big city or rual area? Types of kids you want as classmates. The area you want to study and so forth.

Grades ARE important but these days colleges want more well rounded pieces such as sports, community service, extra activities etc.

Happy College Shopping
It really depends on your academic level.

I can tell you about colleges in NYC. The ones that immediately come to mind for me are Columbia U and New York University. Columbia's much smaller and more selective, and NYU's pretty awesome too. I believe it's the largest college in America. There's also Pace and Fordham.

You can also look in Boston and Philadelphia too: they both have tons of schools.

If you visit the collegeboard website, you can use the college matchmaker tool. Fill out the questions and it'll provide you with a good list. Good luck! :)
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