Are their any Asian college students who have gone to study abroad in Europe? What was your experience like?

Question:I am Asian and I am going to study in Tampere, Finland in the Fall. I have heard that Europeans are not very tolerant of Asians and treat them with great disrepect. Is this true?

I study in Tampere in TUT. Of course I'm bias as a native Finn, but I don't think that you will encounter a lot of intolerance in here. What NiCkY said about Finns being shy is usually *very* true. You might get a small culture shock when you get here, but I hope you eventually find us to be just OK. Welcome
that's not true i was 2 years in finland. they were qiute friendly but finnish ppl r shy so sometimes it looks like they disrespect u but they r just shy and don't dare talk in english with r foreigner. but not all of them r like that though. teenagers r not that shy anymore. they'r quite friendly and want to make freinds with ppl from abroad. a lot of ppl came and tried to talk to me when i went to school there. some of them didnt speak english very well but still they wanted to make friends with me.

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