Are there any programs recommended for a junior wanting to study abroad in England?

Question:I want to study abroad but I don't know what programs are safe and reliable and that will put me with a good host family. My plan is to go to England, so if anyone has been an exchange student over there and was satisfied with the program they chose please, please share!

A list of organizations certified to operate in the USA can be found at
However, just because they are listed does not mean they are a quality program. I would encourage you to read reports from the Committee for the Safety of Foreign Exchange Students. You can cross check the organizations here:
A program will cost between $6,000 and $8,000 plus an average of around $200/month for personal expenses -- maybe more.
It's a great idea ... I'd suggest that you study in a place where you will learn a new language however (British English doesn't count! LOL) which would maximize the time and money you put into a year overseas.
Good luck!
In my experience, you'll have more peace of mind working through a U.S. school that sponsors its own study abroad program. If your own college doesn't have one, get information about other institutions' programs on their web sites or through your school's student advising office. You can register as a visiting student at a U.S. college and participate in their program, which includes the tuition abroad, round trip transportation from the U.S. to the European gateway city and, often, student lodging and a campus meal program. They'll give good advice and might help setting up the foreign bank account you'll need for expenses. Good luck! It's a life-changing experience and one of the most positive things I've accomplished.

By the way, start planning NOW for the 08-09 year. Deadlines vary, but may require enrollment by late summer or early fall. My program in France had an October deadline.

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