Anyone been a 'host' for a language student before?

Question:if you have ever accommodated a language student advice or any kind of insight would be great.

Our local english language school are looking for 'hosts' in the area to accommodate an overseas student whilst they study. we would be paid a good rate to do this and it seems like a good idea as we have a spare room.

I would like to hear how other people have found it being a'host' to help me prepare for it if we should be selected as a host.

(I am 25 and my boyfriend is 30, we have been together for 6 years and have our own house)

I've always hosted high school students -- thus it's volunteer and not paid, but some of the insights should help.

First, to avoid misunderstandings post your "house rules". Write them down so everyone knows. I'm not sure if you include meals, but if you do when are they served? When do you have to know if the student will be home to eat? If they just have kitchen privileges, when are they?

IF they drive, where do they park?
Will you share a bathroom? If so, post hours.
Are there things in the house you don't want them to use? Let them know! On the other be sure they know what they CAN use as well!

On to more personal things, do not assume they can understand you just because they say yes! Ask questions that require more than a "yes" or "no" answer. Ask them to repeat something back to you if you are not sure they understood.

Are you willing to help them with their studies? If so, when? How long?

Don't be afraid to ask them to share some cultural things with you ... maybe celebrate their holidays while they are here. Invite them to share your festivities as well. If you go home to grandma's for Thanksgiving, invite them!

But, most important, be open minded! They will be different with different ideas -- especially political ones! Expect some very interesting conversation around the dinner table!

Have fun!

EDIT: I also agree with Frank about two, however I'd recommend two different language speakers! If they speak together in their own language too much, it will hurt their progress in English.
My wife and i have been host to numerous Austrian Students over the last ten years and they have always been well behaved, interesting, keen to learn english and the way of life.

You have to get used to the fact that you are not alone in the house and loseyour privacy to a degree, but you can earn some spare cash for a period.

if you can spare the room, having two makes it easier as they can then speak to one another and draw comfort and help from them if you cannot spare the time or are at work etc

I would recommend it to anyone, but just be aware re your privacy invasion.

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