Best evening and weekends college in Tokyo Japan?

Question:I'm thinking about transferring to Tokyo for my job and I would like to go to school there. Ideally, I would like something where I can take Japanese lessons first for a year, and then take actual classes for the rest of my time. I'm going to be doing a full time job at the same time so it would need to be evenings and weekends compatible.

I'm sure there are a lot of universities out there but my google searches are coming up with a lot of confusing nonsense. Any suggestions or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, are you going over to Tokyo for Japanese language courses? If so, I would recommend Tokyo International Japanese School situated in Shinjuku area. I will be going over in July this year but through the website, I find this school quite conveniently situated too. If you have any queries for this school, I would suggest you send an email instead of calling directly, if you do not speak Japanese language, as thier staff could probably reply your questions thru email better than thru phone calls. Just type Tokyo International Japanese School in Yahoo search engine to find out more about the course details and fees enquiry etc. Hope this helps.
hi i am Japanese, living in japan. i used to live in Tokyo and i think i can give you some information.

there are so many schools in Tokyo so best way for you to find a good school is to look for it yourself. most of universities have great language programs. I'm not sure which one would fit you well. so i suggest you come here first then look for it. for the meantime you can take some free courses at "Iidabashi" JR station.

if you still wanna find a school before coming to japan, i can help you find it.

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