How can I find out what i resembling ;to study at the university?

is there a website which offers some kind of a try-out to find out what subject/ jobs suits me , does anyone know ?
please help .
I am trying to enroll this Year in January ,so I haven't get much time to think anymore .Please help me thanks :) :( :( :(
There are plenty of test available, search for something like psychometric test or work test.
Rather than relying on a test, first think what are you devoted about. This is often a great indicator of what would be good to study. If you similar to reading then English would be a good bet. You really enjoy your pets consequently maybe something in animal science.
Also make a register of jobs you definitely would be interested in doing and ones you would not do lower than any circumstances. This will help to narrow down your options.
The other edict to make is whether you would be interested in learning something purely for happiness or whether you want to study something that is linked to a particular job, this will then narrow your options further

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