Study out of the country, information on what to do?

I am planning to study abroad.

I asked for a loan to pay the college that i am attending now.
But, I lately want to know, to study abroad in another country I am also able to ask for a loan? I know I can do scholarship but i dont really want to rely on them because sometimes people tend to do many scholarships and not win atleast one. So I am thinking I will most credible be wasting my time. Can I ask for a loan or do anything else to get money and pay for the tuition?

Thank you guys!
Generally, you can't get loans from local bank in the country - often you can get bursaries or the similar to from the university itself, but generally, you have to take out a loan contained by your home country with the intent to use the money abroad. You can ask your current bank, or lend companies locally about the details.

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