Question roughly speaking studying in a foreign country contained by Japan for a year. When do I inevitability to start?

Hello. My school has a program where I can study out of the country at a University in Japan for either 6 months or a year.

If I want to study for one year, do I generally hold to start in September instead of March (since following the Spring semester is an extended Summer holiday)? It may differ from place to place but does anybody have any experience with this?
In Japan, you can any start your program in September or March. As an exchange student, you have the flexibility as long as the courses you want are provided in the semester you yearning to take. When it comes to getting a full degree from a Japanese university, it is often better to start within March as that is considered the official starting point of a school year. However, since you will expected be there for a whole year, it does not matter when you start, as your return flight is a year latter. So, extended summer holiday or not, you will have the opportunity to experience everything.

Just be mindful as how this will affect your schooling here when you return, and by this I mean graduation date or the courses that are still needed before graduation and whether these courses will be available contained by the semester following your return.

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