About applying South Africa university?

I am a student that is in G12 now and I am going to apply for South Africa university before this end of month. But now I get a few questions about it. I don't do Maths, I do Maths Lit but now I want to apply for business amount like BCom but they only accept the students who does Maths. I didn't know just about this so now I don't know if there is any ways that I can fix or do now...
Can anyone lend a hand me? thanks =)

P.S I want to apply for Wits, UJ and Tuks(University of Pretoria)
My advice...
It's not possible, at this time, to do bridging courses and this stuff. So what i ponder you should do is go for a business degree that doesn't require maths. Once in university - first year - you can apply inwardly the university to change courses. If this isn't allowed, you could do a degree in business that doesn't stipulation maths and then do a BCom. It's much too late to complete the entire mathematics syllabus contained by less than 3 months. Hope this helps. Good luck. Source(s): I'm a South African university student
Many people enjoy this problem and what I have heard is that some people including my friends enjoy done a sort of bridging course in maths. Look I think its hard because after adjectives you learning like G11 and G12 maths in 1 year. But within the end its worth the hard work. After that I think depending on your easy target you can apply for your course you want. I know you can do the course through UNISA or Damlin, just phone them and check it out.

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