Why do we need to study literature?

Question:Why? Can you pls. give me some really good answers? Thnx!

literature helps u get attuned with yr innermost feelings desires n sentiments like self-denial passion romance anger wrath etc. teaches u role-playing when u act out Shakespearean plays. improves ur vocabulary by forcing u to read more novels. basically just gets u thinking about the finer things in life...

Source: Am an Eng Lit Majr
Simply put - people who read a lot tend to be smarter. And not just literature, but almost anything.

Literature improves your spelling, grammar, and vocabulary, enriches your mind, makes you more creative, and opens up a world of ideas and possibilities that you might not have necessarily thought of on your own.
In order to answer your question, I'll compare science and literature:

(1) science: scientists observe systems and study/investigate what they see or perceive around them in order to understand or explain natural laws or events;

(2) literature: analyzes and reveals the human nature, which is not observable in the same way that science is; however, what writers do is to dig deep into the human soul in order to report behavior, emotions and relationships between people throughout history.

The basic difference between the two is that science focuses on objectivity (= what exists outside the mind), and literature on subjectivity (= what exists in the mind). However, it is important to underline that writers have to be objective as they portray feelings and emotions, that is, in order to be a good writer you need to know how to observe and analyze the human soul and also how to report your observations accurately.

Therefore, studying literature teaches you how (1) to observe people's actions and reactions; (2) to understand and analyze the human soul; (3) to read and interpret the most complex texts (which will make it easier for you to read and understand scientific texts and papers); and, finally, (4) to master writing techniques.

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