Do teachers get paid in the summer. If so. how?

Question:i think it's unfair if teachers do get paid in the summer they don't have to work for along time and get paid and the rest of the world works with no breake!What's wrong with that picture

Please understand when teachers are being paid through the summer it is because they have opted to have their pay spread over 12 months, not because they are being paid during months that they do not work. In other words, their contract may be for 9 months of work, but their pay is spread over 12 months. So if they were paid over just 9 months, they would receive more in each pay check, but have no income for the summer. Thus, most of us teachers opt to be paid over 12 months and receive less in each pay check so that we can live through the summer.

Also understand, that as a teacher, I am a teacher 24/7, 365 days a year. I am always thinking of my students and planning for them. If I go to an outdoor festival during the summer and a vendor is handing out free brouchures or pens, I ask for a class set and decide how to use them for instruction. If I go to a concert or an exhibit, I ask how my students can have the same experience by getting discount tickets or having the performers come to my school. If I see a program on television, I write to request the video at my own expense. When I decorate my classroom, I pay for those supplies because the school does not have enough money to give me to put up educational material for my students. I use the internet all the time to find free things for my students and my school. So we work hard for our students and we spend a lot of our own finances to fund what we want to do in the classroom.

Also, do you realize that at most schools, we adopt children and families to give to throughout the year? When we buy turkeys, mac and cheese, winter coats, sweaters, and shoes, we pay for those things out of our own pockets. We tutor after school for free. We buy school supplies for students who do not have them. We have tons of paper work and responsibilities all year long. Please do not think that we think that we are different from others who donate and work very hard on their jobs. But you asked about teachers so I tried to explain a small piece of how things work for us.

I hope this makes it clearer for you as to how teachers receive income during the summer and other questions you may have had about teachers.
Depends on whether or not it is in their contract for 12 month salary....most don't get a full summer anyway...they have to go back way ahead of when the children do
Some teachers do get paid in the summer. Some school districts give the option of having their salary disbursed over 12 months instead of just through the school year. If they opt for a 12 month pay, they just receive less in each paycheck.
The answer depends on what state you live in. I am from Louisiana and I can tell you how we do it here. If I wanted to get paid for the three months i were off then I would simply set aside a certain amount every check. The school board would match it by 15%. After 9 months of saving your money would be distributed through out the summer. You can opt out and not do this- and just teach summer school if you really needed the money.(Alot of teachers do both though)
teachers in my state can opt to be paid on either 9 months or 12 months

their annual salary is the same regardless of whether they get 9 or 12 paychecks (paid monthly) - the monthly pay is calculated by dividing the annual salary by either 9 or 12

some teachers opt for the 9 paychecks and work another job in the summer, others go for the 12 paychecks so they can be consistent with bills, etc
Teachers have the option of getting their salary spread over a full twelve months, so they can get paid in the summer, or they can get it over ten months. Also, if they are working summer school, they get additional pay.

To say that teachers shouldn't get paid through the summer though is crazy. Teachers are the most under rewarded worker in the world in my opinion. Rather you realize it or not, teachers are the ones basically raising kids now a days. They spend more time with your children than parents do. Also, even though it seems as if teachers are not doing things during the summer, you need to know that they are. There are constant workshops for the changes that are being made to school curriculum's as well as finding how to incorporate new and exciting ways to educate children.

No, I'm not a teacher, but do know and fully understand the discipline, responsibility, and the desire it takes to care for someone else's child all day, not to mention going home to have to tend to your family. You should really take the time to consider everything a teacher does before discrediting their value any more than it already is.
In the state I am from, the teachers can select how they want to be paid and one of the choices does include spreading their salary out to include pay for the times off of work in the summer. They earn their money and not a lot of money at that.

Why do you consider it unfair when they have time off? Don't you think that they should be able to just have that time to recoup and reflect on the past school year? There would be ALOT more teacher burn out if they didn't get the breaks they do. Teachers have a REALLY hard job in these times when there is no discipline in schools that is effective. I would not begrudge them this time to reflect and relax. It truly does make them better teachers.
Most teachers are on a contract for a set number of days. They have a salary for those days 180 days @ 35,000 dollars.
Most school districts allow teachers to divide their pay over 12 months to make it easier to manage monthly bills. So, teachers are getting paid late for work they have already done. If you would like to be a teacher and make a difference in young lives and be paid less for 10 months and receive your last 2 months late with that break (check spelling) by all means get after that degree.

I would also add that teachers work for the students. The difference between being a student and a teacher is tremendous. Many think they understand the job of teachers because they have been in school. This is similar to saying you know what it is like to be a doctor because you had your appendix taken out two years ago. You have been operated on but you have not done the operation. All other professions are the result of teachers including yours.
Hi, I am a computers teacher in California. We do have the option of getting paid less, every month thruout the year so we can get the same steady paycheck during the months of July and August. They say the best thing about the teaching profession is June-July-August.
Maybe that's why you're so opposed to the idea of teachers getting paid whitout students.

Think teaching is easy.? Go ahead, go to college, become a teacher, go to college AGAIN to meet the state requirements, go to college AGAIN to pass the required state and national tests, go to college AGAIN to get another degree in case you want to get a raise.
Other than that, stop your crying already and go become a productive citizen, God knows we need actual leaders in this world.
We get paid for 12 months because our annual salary is divided by 12. It's not that we're getting paid for not working, we actually already did the work. Putz
Some districts provide you the option of being paid during the 9 months of teaching or to have your overall salary spread out through the entire year, and thus getting 24 or 26 paychecks a year. It is very convenient.

Some districts don't provide this at all, and simply assume that a teacher is either banking up money for the summer, or will be taking a summer job. One district I know of that employs many of its teachers for summer school (because of the crappy pass rate) only does this, because they don't want the perception of "doube dipping".

For those who ARE getting paid in the summer, it's not like they are getting paid for sitting on their keisters. Consider it that they are having their employer save 3 months of their salary and giving it to them when they are not working. Or think of it like someone who "banks" vacation at a job where they can get "pay-outs" for vacation or sick leave. It's just getting one's own money back.
well in india, itz true that teachers are paid in summers (conditons apply),,..,but u cant say thats unfair...for your information parents also pay the school fee for those vacations... now u can also say, why to charge fee if the children are not attending the school...??
well itz the system... u or i cant change,,

but i tell u one more thing that teachers work extreamely hard throughout the year, they work hard like anyone else in any other profession... its seems very easy but being a teacher is a tough job..

dont forget "Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions"

i am also a teacher and i m proud to be. :)
some even file unemployment too...
Okay, the wonders of summer pay. This is how it works:

As a teacher, you get paid for about 9 months of the year (but this depends on what kind of school you are in). What they do, in Illinois anyway, is they automatically deduct a set amount of money from your check every time you get paid and store it away for you. When the summer rolls around, you then receive this summer pay. That way, your check never really stops.

So technically, you don't get paid for the summer, it's the money that you made from the school year anyway., have no idea how hard teaching is and how tired you become by the end of the school year.
We are paid based on the contracted number of days we work in a year. However, we have the choice of getting 10 paychecks for the 10 months we work, or 12 smaller paychecks. Many teachers opt for the 12 paychecks because it's easier to manage finances this way. Still others choose getting 10 paychecks and putting aside money from each one into a savings account (which they then use during the 2 months they don't receive a check).

The only thing wrong with the picture is your ability to jump so quickly to conclusions. :)
I do get paid during my summer.

I am not an hourly employee, my yearly salary is spread out over the year. I am expected to do as much work as it takes to get the job done, I do not punch a clock.

Part of getting the job done:
coaching basketball, earning my masters degree, Implementing various school programs (science fair, department meetings) grading papers daily including weekends, taking various college courses, working on my national boards, buying school supplies for those who need them, mentoring new teachers, scheduling parent meetings at night, being "on call" for homework questions, I could think of a few more...

I dont punch the hourly clock for these things either.
This is spoken by someone who has ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE about teaching. Yes, teachers do get paid over the summer. We get a contract, and it is divided into 12 pay periods so that we get money over the summer.

You act like teachers are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars doing almost nothing. Even if a teacher gets a Master's degree, do you have any idea how much that adds to our overall salary? Less than $50 a month. And a Doctorate? Less than $100 a month.

Tell me ANY other profession where if you have a Master's degree or a Doctorate you get paid less than $100 more a month. It's though enough teaching in the best of circumstances, it's so much worse when we have people who think it's a cake walk.

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