Why do some people crave attention?

Maybe due to their own insecurity or low self-esteem.
Some students who have been neglected, for example, will even misbehave to get attention.
Insecurity, being self absorbed, and needing the ego stroked regularly.
Some people need to be constantly reassured that they are doing well.
Others think they are the center of (their own) universe.
Some will outgrow that stage, others will not.
Its all good, that's what makes people people, and keeps things interesting don't you think?
That can be due to being a victim of abuse, lacking self-esteem, needing to feel loved, raising their ego...who really knows each individuals reasoning behind craving attention.
Are u asking about children or adults?

If you are talking about children: its because all children need attention. They need to be loved, cared for, compassion. If they dont get any attention at all...they will act out..

If you are talking about adults: its because they are jealous of other people that do get attention, they need some way of how to get others attentions so they do dumb things.

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