Teachers, what echelon rank do you train and why do you close to or dislike it?

I really, really want to be a teacher and am going off to college next year. But I still can't desire whether I want to teach Elementary school or Middle school. In realness, I really want to teach elementary school children... the only item that is holding me back is the fact that I hold emetophobia (fear of seeing people vomit) and I know (from experience) that a lot of elementary school children procure sick in classrooms... :(

But that fact aside, I wanted to capture a broader view on the different grades. What grades have you taught? What did you like/dislike roughly it? And what has been you favorite grade to educate and why?

Any answers at all would be very helpful and noticeably appreciated. Thanks for reading. ^^
i am a kindergarten male teacher in asia and i school tuition at people's houses (i teach 3-12 years old) ! i prefer to teach primary school (elementary school) inflict children at that ages are cute, sweet and they wont angry u for long period. while in middle school, they will accomplishment like they hate the world and easily unsatisfied beside certain things. BUT if u really cant settle your emetophobia, then dont teach elementary! most of them vomit adjectives the time!

i love to teach kindergarten/preschool and elementary schools.
I enjoy taught at the Junior High (7-9), High School (9-12), and Middle School (5-8) levels. When I received my teaching pass way back in 1986, it be to teach Junior High. Well, those no longer exist in West Virginia, so I spent time in High School. I insufferable it, because all seniors have on their minds are prom and graduation.

I like middle college because of the unpredictability. I specifically teach eighth grade, so I get the tail expiration of the mess. Source(s): twenty-three years experience
I teach year 5 and 6 in New Zealand - they are 9 and 10 at the start of the year, so I think i.e. the same as 4th and 5th in the US.
I love that they are becoming more independent learners - most students can do an independent buzz while I am working with reading or maths groups. I like that we can do interesting reading and challenging maths actions.
I don't like some of the social stuff - 11 year old girls can be really nasty, and it tend to come off the playground and into the classroom. They also don't display a whole lot of respect for - well - anyone. That is repellent.
The best thing to do is to try to get as much experience as you can at different levels.

Best of luck
I teach history and computer rearing at the high school level and I really savour it. You might already have a pretty good idea of the age group you similar to to work with best, but experience will help you make that decree. Our high school has tutoring and "buddy" programs that receive you working (on a limited basis) with kids of various ages. In college, experiences call "clinicals" take place in different classrooms. Middle school is lofty energy and keeps you on your toes; high conservatory lets you go much further intellectually.

Unfortunately, people of adjectives ages can get sick or hurt, so there's no guarantee you won't see it with older kids. Don't verbs about what might not happen. Go into every experience with an undo mind and see where you fit best! Source(s): I have been tutoring (happily) for 14 years.

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