How many Seconds are in a average person's lifetime?

Question:please need answers...

Depends on how you define seconds.
There is a second birthday, there could be a second marriage or even a second anniversary. What about a second date, or a second helping, and on and on and on.
Let's say the average person lives 80 years

80 years = 29220 days (give or take for leap years)
29220 days = 701280 hours
701280 hours = 42076800 minutes
42076800 minutes = 2,524,608,000 seconds

Your average 80-year-old will see a little over 2.5 billion seconds in his / her lifetime.
there are about 39,420,000 minutes in the average human life..multiply that by 60 and thats how many calculator cant multiply those 2 together
What defines an average person?

Which seconds count? All of them or only the great ones?

Many people live without ever experiencing life.

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