What Union, Maine “nerve food” was the best-selling soft drink in the U.S. until World War II?

Moxie worked for radio trivia

Designated as Maine's state soft drink in May 2005.

This soft drink is also where the term "full of moxie" come from, indicating that someone is full of energy.
Moxie !
Moxie Soda
The early version of Moxie was a spoon fed elixir that could supposedly cure a wide range of ills ranging from dementia to impotence.

Moxie has been modified several times since then. In 1884 Moxie was reformulated, repackaged and re-introduced to America as a carbonated soft drink. Sales soared, and according to "Maine Farmhouse Journal" Moxie was America's most popular soft drink right up to the early 1920's.


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