Where the 'trench sisters' legitimate?

I've been watching Rosemary's Baby, and want to know about all the little bit's of posterior story about the things that happened in the house since Rosemary and her husband move in.
Not real, but this is interesting:

"The film's conclusion, in which the coven is revealed as an actuality allows the audience to escape directly confronting the disturbing implication of fractured psychological states. On a deeper level, however, Polanski decisively implicates us contained by such states through his naturalized portrayal of a fantastic world. It is finally this dimension of the film that frightens us. By involving us with an apparently wise character in a seemingly contemporary world, Rosemary's Baby gradually take not only its heroine but also its audience to a state of powerlessness and traumatic confusion between fantasy and reality. Though we never see Rosemary's toddler, the last image of Rosemary herself superimposes its unnatural eyes over her own; for the "alien" forces that terrorize her ultimately arise from within herself. "


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