What is a bookmark? How to use it?

When referring to the Internet and/or a browser, a bookmark is used to describe a method of marking a page so it can be referenced at a later time without having to remember the address. For example, a user running Netscape can bookmark a page by clicking the bookmark drop down menu at the top of the screen and selecting add page. Users running Microsoft Internet Explorer save their pages as a favorite.
When referring to the Internet and HTML, a bookmark refers to a section marked in the HTML code using the <A NAME="name"> tag and then linking to that bookmark with a <A HREF="#name"> tag.

Hope this helps.
A bookmark, on your computer, is used to save websites, that you like. So you can go back to them. So say if you go to a website that you really like, just go to bookmarks, and click bookmark this page. That will save it.. so whenever you want to go back to that page, you just go under bookmarks and look for the link you saved it under. Its just basically used to save websites and whatever else, so you can go back to it.
Hope this helped you!
a bookmark is an object you put into a book so you don't lose your place. seems pretty elementary.

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