Best expletive to express anger without cursing?

One of my mormon classmates used to say things like:

"Oh, my freakin' word!"


"Holy flip!"

Even mormons get mad, right?
erm, how can that be done when an expletive is equivalent to a curse?

you could just say *expletive deleted.*

there, that's not expounding on what kind... :D
According to my OED, apart from being "an oath or a swear word", it also says that an expletive is "a word or phrase used to fill out a sentence or a line of verse without adding to the sense". Sort of like a "doowop", I suppose...

Anyhoo, some 'expletives' I use occasionally in front of my child, who gets upset when I say anything profane.

'Oh, carp!' (my favorite)
"Judas Priest"

My wife, who is Russian, uses "Yulky-Pulky!" which might have something to do with a Scotch Pine tree, but as far as I know (and I've asked several Russians) doesn't mean anything at all.
An expletive isn't necessarily a curse word.

How about 'dang it all anyway'
My kids used to laugh because when I hurt myself, I'd say "Prickles" or "Fruit". I always tried not to swear in front of them, and it was the best I could come up with at the time.
Great Odin's raven!
Sweet Lincoln's Mullet!
Knights of Columbus!
By the beard of Zeus!
Uncle Jonathan's corn-cob pipe!
Antony and Cleopatra!
teri maa dee kuttiye

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