What does M.O. mean?

Modus Operandi, which basically means Method of Operation.
modus operandi, or method of operation
(wrt a crime, how they did it)
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method of operation
I believe the official definition is modus operandi it is Latin.It means mode of operation
Whilst Modus Operandi might sort of mean Method of Operation, its literal translation is 'Type of Operation', it is less specific than 'Method'.
In the Armed Services, it used to stand for "Medical Officer" or doctor.
M.O. have multiple meanings..
~* It can mean Medics Officer..
~* It can also mean Modus Operandi in Latin and in English Mode of Operation..
~* It can also mean Mobile Originated, a text message sent from a mobile telephone
~* Milicja Obywatelska was a state police institution in People's Republic of Poland. In 1989 it was transformed into Policja.
~* Medical Orderly, a British Commonwealth military term for a health professional attached to a command
~* Molecular orbital is a region in which an electron may be found in a molecule

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M. O.
M.O is used to represent 'Modus Operandi' of any operation or actions showing the pattern in which the action or operation is executed. It is used to identify the wrong doers
It's an abbreviation for modus operandi (as several people have already said), and you probably already know you usually hear it on cop shows when they find a body and say, "This is the same MO as the last one," which means the murder was done in the same way as another (with a knife, victim's hands tied and shoes removed, e.g.), and most likely done by the same person.
modus operandi. latin. basically translates to "mode of operation."
An acronym dictionary gave me these options:

mo-modus operandi, from Latin, a criminal investigation term for "way of operating," which may prove the accused has a pattern of repeating the same criminal acts using the same method. Examples: a repeat offender always wore a blue ski mask and used a sawed-off shotgun, climbed up trellises to burglarize, pretended to be a telephone repairman to gain entrance, or set up phony companies to disguise a fraudulent scheme.

the ISO 2-letter country code for Macau

Magneto-Optical (disk drive)

Mail Order
Managed Object
Medical Officer
Method of Operation
Missouri (abbreviation
Money Order

I suppose it depends on the context
Most commonly stands for


mo·dus op·er·an·di (mds p-rnd, -d) KEY

pl. mo·di operandi (md, -d) KEY Abbr. MO
A method of operating or functioning.
A person's manner of working.

modus operandi


A method used in dealing with something: approach, attack, course, line, plan, procedure, tack, technique. See means
The approach used to do something: fashion, manner, method, mode, style, system, way, wise

Other things M.O. could stand for
Missouri (US postal abbreviation)
Money Order
Montana (less common)
Morocco (Including Ifni)
Macau (ISO country code, top level domain)
Modena (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
Morse (nautical)
Mail Order
Microwave Oven
Medical Officer
Motor Oil
Mostar (auto registration for Mostar, Bosnia)
Mineral Oil
Moral Obligation
Magnum Opus
Marching Orders
Mesio-Occlusal (dentistry)
Philip Morris (stock symbol)
Mobile Office
Altria Group, Inc. (stock symbol)
MU Online (gaming)
Mahavishnu Orchestra (jazz-rock fusion group)
Mobile Station
Managed Object
Michael Olowokandi (basketball player)
Modern Orthodox
Middle Office
Mixed Oxide
Manual Override
Mars Observer
Mathematical Olympiad
Milicja Obywatelska (former Polish police)
Mission Observer
Molecular Orbital
Morbidly Obese
Main Objective
Management Operations
MO Mobile Originated (telecommunications
Member Organization
Marine Officer
Metal Object
Maintenance Officer
Military Outpost (gaming, Pardus)
Management Object (OSI)
Master Oscillator
Manufacturing Order
Movement Orders
Maintenance Optimization (mathematical model)
Medical Orderly
Modification Order
Mission Orders

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