What does "Fox Alpha" mean in the milatary?

Question:I was watching "The Unit" on CBS and they said watch your six and then they said "Fox Alpha" Can any one help,

Over and out
No idea...but a good question. I think that "Watch your six" might mean watch your back...but F A? Don't know.
I just saw the same show and this same thing was driving me crazy. Back in early radio days when reception was horrible the military came up with words to represent letters. Alpha Charlie Bravo Delta Echo Foxtrot was A B C D E F, etc. So instead of saying "This is team D about to bomb coordinate AE9" and the guy recieving the tranmission missing the letters and getting a bomb on his head they would say "Team Delta bombing Alpha Echo Niner".

So I knew when he said "Fox Alpha" he shortened "Foxtrot Alpha" and he was just saying "F A" in military talk.

So what did F A mean? I couldnt figure it out and went out on the web. Found some military references to Foxtrot Alpha but not what it meant. Then on a whim I looked for the origins of the term "Fuckin A" since thats the first thing I thought of when I heard F A. Sure enough, a common military term was to answer something with a positive by saying "Affirmative" and in the heat of battle soldiers started saying "Fuckin Affirmative", which eventually got shorted to "Fuckin A", and even somtimes to yell out "F A!" back when someone told you to do something and bullets were flying all over.

So thats what he was replying when he was told to "watch his 6" (watch your back). 6 is a term for the 6 on a watch which is behind you.

So I figured out what it was, but wasted a ton of time looking for it.

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