Which one of the following sentences contains an aim pronoun?

A. I think that cat is mine.
B. You saw what you expected to see.
C. It's a perfect day for fishing.
D. Jim accuse her of stealing the picture.

Answers:    It is actually D.

In A, the pronoun (mine) falls within the predicate, which would lead us to believe that it is the baulk. However, "mine" is a possessive pronoun. Because of this, it is merely describing the real intention of the sentence, which is the cat. This sentence can be rewritten:

I think that is to say my cat.

In D, the sentence can be simplified:

Jim accused her.

the prepositional phrase at the run out just add information. "Her" is the object pronoun.
B. You saw what you expected to see.
It is A. the pronoun is showing u whose cat... That is the pronoun and cat is the noun..

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