Why do people use "LOL"?

Question:its over used
i can see "ROFL" but why "LOL"?
I'd preffer "thats funny"
or is that too much to ask!!
laugh out loud on your own time (JERKS!)

Laziness and lack of regard for the English language.
It means laugh out loud and sometimes that fits. Why do grumpy, miserable people complain about all the little things?
I guess because when you're chatting, its a lot faster, and pretty universally accepted.
we use it for fun lol (JERK)
oh, please, do get a life...so what...if something this unimportant annoys you, you must be annoyed all the time
i knoooww!
i never put "lol"
i put "hahaha"
or "rofl"
some of my friends are putting "lawl"
like saying "lol" outloud.
it's odd
"LOL" is quicker to type and easily understandable.
I think they use "LOL" for showing there emotion without exactly saying it like putting " * " 's around something like
*crying uncontrollably* to show that they are ----crying uncontrollably!
yeah I use that word waaay to often , I dont know why It really sounds stupid now that u put it this way lol. I mean ROFL but thats kinda dumb too , maybe just haha?
lol not ur the jerk and the jokes on u because ur probably the only one who ever asked that
Its fast lol. YES I SAID IT!! Actually I think people say it when they have nothing to say.
Because it is shorter than writing Laugh Out Loud. LOL
it to exaggerate. but it the same as if u get a joke that make u laugh out loud a joke that makes u say that funny probably just give u a smile. lol tells how good the joke is
lol - verb - most overused internet phrase

I use it alot on Aim too but I mix it up with "haha" and stuff like that.
LOL... you're question is so funny you have me laughing out loud!
Just kidding.. I guess most people type in lol because it becomes a habit.. usually when I type in lol I'm not literally laughing out loud..
Chatting, Texting, and e-mail has changed the way people write to make it easier and interesting in a way. Haha. Anyway ppl use "lol" instead putting laughing just for something new and dats life and everyone has a different way of talking and writing.Peace and love.

its easy to type.

who cares if someone says "lol" or "thats funny"

its the same thing.
well like if u dont have a mic people say lol as a way to laugh but if its capatilized like this LOL that means there laughing really hard so put a mic on so u and the person could talk so instead of putting lol put a mic and laugh when something funny comes.
I think people use it for conveyance, not to have to type as much or because some people are clueless. I believe that people use it so often that it becomes a habit. I think that your right they should use something els, I'm surprised XD hasn't taken over yet.
It's just shout hand, I find most of them annoying, it makes us lazy communicators
Why is ROFL ok to you, and LOL is not? Wierd. I would say people use it because it is fast, and they do not have a general dislike for it as you seem to. I agree, all of the abreviations are pretty lame..even ROFL

Oh man, you are a hoot.LOL
dumbass if you say something funny there going to do that! and that's mean to say calling someone a jerk for no reason! Get a sence of humor
You are man and tell your family "I AM PREGNET" so easy. ok
lol, ffs. G.O.I


BTW i am LOL on my own time, Actually its my boss's time.


FYI It bugs me to because people only type it when they have nothing else to say or they are trying to insult people. By putting LOL on the end of everything you say you turn it into a joke.

We all know your not really LOL.

Ok i cant think of anymore abbreviations
lol- laugh out loud
It means "laugh out loud". These itty bitty things don't really matter. If it annoys you so much than don't use it. Since it doesn't annoy us people who do use it, well then, we don't really care about it.
yea ture, grammatically its supposed to be Laugh aloud...lol thats what my sisters writing teacher said...lol

sorry for saying lol
okay sorry
First of all, your getting too carried away over a abbreviation, and don't need to be rude to the people that do use it, it's there choice, and you can't stop them! (I do not use any of those abbreviations, like lol).
An why they use it is, a for example is if your Instant Messaging someone, well they might say something funny, and so show your thought it was funny you could say LOL! Because most people are too lazy to spell it out.

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