Can anyone agree to me know the website contained by the plan and info of "lodging properties"?

I'm doing my assignment. looking for the meaning and info on this title of "Lodging properties" i couldn't find it so far. does anyone know which website could be found? serious answer please.. Thanks alot.

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2!/2005 Loudoun Lodging Survey.pdf?...


Lodging properties are motels, hotels, inns, resorts, meeting centre, etc. Such places are long or short holiday providers. They provide accomodation and other facilities.

"Lodging or holiday accommodation is a type of cottage. People who travel and stay away from home for more than a day need lodging for the most part for sleeping. Other purposes are safety, shelter from cold and rain, have a place to store luggage and being able to purloin a shower."

The sites above list examples of lodging properties.

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