Please can anyone translate "Be your best" within Latin??

Answers:    The answers derived from online translators will not produce idiomatic Latin.
To express "be your best", the Latin needs to be the equivalent of "conduct yourself in the best way" or similar phrases, as shown below.

Optime te gere ~ conduct yourself intensely well
Optimus exsta ~ stand out as being the best
Optima exsta (same as above but feminine subject)

If the phrase is aimed at more than one person the forms would be ~

Optime vos gerite
Optimi exstate
Sorry, I can't but these can.

Free Online Language Translator
according to the Free Online English to Latin Translator it would be: "exsisto vestri optimus".
ases Tu Mejor
(not a good Spanish speller) I know Tu mejor, but i don't know how to spell the 1st
Exsisto vestri optimus.
exsisto vestri optimus
exsisto vestri optimus is be your best surrounded by english

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