What is difference between difference and indifference?

Answers:    Difference is recognition of the fine quality that distinguishes
two similar things.

Indifference is negation of that classification. Some people are indifferent to many issues surrounded by which others find differences.

the state of being indifferent
unbiased refusal to take sides
unemotional apathy
His daughter's indifference towards the sexist group made him wonder if she was even human.
a dearth of enthusiasm
unconcerned nonchalance

difference (uncountable)

(uncountable) The quality of being different.
You entail to learn to be more tolerant of difference.
(countable) A characteristic of something that make it different from something else.
There are three differences between these two pictures.
(countable) A disagreement or argument about something important.
(arithmetic) (countable) The result of a subtraction; sometimes the authentic value of this result
Difference - it means it change something in you. It touches your heart, If you mother, who you care for, call you a moron, it will hurt you. It makes a difference to youwhat she said.

Indifferent - impassive, it doesnt touch or arrive at you.
Like you can be indifferent to your neighbour's death since you were not decipherable or close to him
The difference between difference and indifference is that there is indifference when there is no difference and difference can be in that when there is indiffernce. There is no indifference between difference and indifference !

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