When and how did the vocabulary close to "lol" and "brb" come?

Just interested!

Answers:    When cell phone makers introduced text messaging.
*Nope*, back then.
The first message was sent via a Motorola see by Edward Lantz in 1989, from NYC to Florida, by using upside down numbers that could be read and heard as words and sounds.

The first commercial SMS (short message service) be sent over the Vodafone in the UK on Dec. 3, 1992, from Papworth (using a pc) to Jarvis of Vodafone (using an Orbitel 901 handset). It said 'Merry Christmas.'

The first GSM is said to be typed by Phikonen at Nokia in 1993. GSM = 'Groupe Special Mobile' --later specified as Global System Mobile Communications.
They originated in internet chat rooms...past cell texting.
I think when computers got popular..lol i am freshly now figuring them out.
when a gay guy get ***
lol, i'll brb 2 u on that 1.

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