Are schools required to send out financial aid award letters?

Question:I have been in school for a whole quarter, and I know I have received two types of financial aid (HOPE and PELL), but I was never told how much of either of them I would be getting. I never received an award letter from the financial aid office at my school. I want to know if it is a requirement for them to send award letters, or somehow inform me on the types of financial aid I'll be getting.

I believe it's on of those things where the Department of Education does't require an award letter be sent, but it does require schools to notify students - go figure. I can't think of how a school would tell you of your award without sending either a letter or email OR posting your award to an online student portal of some kind.

Have you ever received a bill? That should show your charges and also the aid that was applied. I would ask them what the deal is.
either mail or email
All the school I attended have sent out letters if you are not getting the letters contact the financial aid/register office to find out your reward and verify your address.

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