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Question:ok here goes,my wife owes for student loans,she recieved her Masters in 2001,but the area we live in is semi rual,there are alot of school districts in the area,but its almost as if she is "over" quailfied,if that makes sence,she has not even recieved more than a couple of interviews,now because we have two young daughters,she is staying at home to take care of them for now,but her loan payments are still due,and we do not wish to defur,or kick the can down the road lol,but its hard to make the payments since i am the only one working in the house,are there ANY foundations,groups,ect out there that could help pay off some,all or help get some or all of it forgiven.

Your only options are to either refinance the loans or to take a deferment based on financial need (which of course means no payments, but the interest will continue to accrue more than likely). You mention she has a masters, but not what it is in. Most schools want teachers to have their Masters, so you may want to have her do some investigating to see if there could be other issues at play (such as she has started her base salary request too high). If she does have a degree in education, she may want to consider doing some tutorial work on the side as a way to bring in income while staying home with the kids. Good luck!
refinance at a lower interest rate if possible for a longer period of time. as things get better you can always pay them off early.

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