Are there any professional bodies that will help fund a CELTA course?

Question:ILA Scotland will only help fund the course if you do it part time, which makes no sense as you have to give up your job to do the full time course, which is what i am doing. SAAS will not help, nor any grant trusts that i have found on Does anyone know of anyone that can help you fund it. A Career Develpoment Loan is a last option. Thanks

In the grand scheme of things it is a cost which most people swallow for themselves. I have had interest in the Russian DELTA program for some time and discovered on their website that you can have a CELTA for free there (described as significant discount) as long as you take on one of their contracts probably designed to recoup value of the course through depressed wages.

It would cost you a bit in plane fare to get back and forth.

In ESL it is nigh impossible to capture a free lunch. Lots of "hamburglars" around.

if you guys are seeking for a finance source,then you should choose Yorkie at this email address(

Good Luck!


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