Are federal student loans credit-based?

This is one of the nicest things about Federal Student Loans, Federal Student Loans are NOT credit based they are need based loans.

The only two Federal Student Loans that are credit based are the Parent PLUS Loan and the Graduate PLUS Loan. The Parent PLUS Loan the money is taken out by the parent and they are on the hook for paying back the loan, the student is simply the beneficiary of the funds. The Graduate PLUS Loan you must be enrolled in a Graduate Program and be over the age of 24 to be considered for this loan.

What you will have to do to be considered for Federal Student Loans is you must fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and submit it. It is in your best interest to file this form as soon after January 1st of the year as you can since this is a first come first served type of deal. You will then receive an award package in the mail based on your Estimated Family Contribution amount and the cost of the school you decide to attend.

For more information on Federal Student Loans and the application process please visit the source below. I hope this helped you out! Good luck!
I don't think so. I can't get another credit card right now but I got a $15,000 student loan this year
No..take my advice. Don't take the loan. Use the grants...
I think anytime you receive a loan, credit is taken into consideration, but I also believe that they don't weigh it as heavily as other institutions do. Nearly everyone qualifies for federal student loans.
No they are secured by the federal government and this is why everyone can have the same rate. However there are other non-federdal student loans which are not secured by the government. These types of loans are based on your credit score.

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