"how much are the miscellenius expenses for a Duke Freshman?

Question:i.e. in addition to standard room and board expenses.
can books, supplies, entertainment, personal expenses, cell phone, cable tv, snacking, late night pizzas, 3 home trips be kept within 3K?

Very possibly, sure. My parents made a deal with me when I went to college (86 - 91), and that was that they'd pay for the tuition and books, and I had to make my spending money during the summers. They didn't want me to work (much) during the school terms, instead focusing on studies. At the time, minimum wage was pretty low, and I probably made about $5 an hour, and maybe ended up with about $1000 by the end of the summer.

It would also depend on where home is, and how expensive those trips would be. If you have to fly and it costs $300 each time, that's about a third of your whole budget. Books can be surprisingly expensive too, especially depending on the classes you take (books for math and science courses cost more than English coursebooks, because the formulae and numbers and whatnot actually do cost more to print).
beer/snacks/pop = $400 per semester
Movies/clubs/strippers/= $130 per semester

legal defense against a false charge from a nasty ho stripper and the entire campus calls you a racist and a rapist = 2million

proving to the world that she is a liar and from the wrong side of the tracks, and rubbing it in the feminists and race peoples face= priceless

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