Are there any government grants that provide money for home repairs or improvements?

There are some grants for home improvements. But the qualifications vary, The first grant is for first time home owners you must apply for this grant within the first five years of owning the home and your total home income must not exceed 25 thousand,and in most cases you must pay the first 10 to 20% of the cost of the remodel.The other grant is for elderly people who are either disabled or on a fixed incomme who's homes are in dire need of most of these cases the percentage of payment is waived because these people just can't afford it. And one big step to getting these grants is getting your application in on time because the government only gives so much money to municipalities for these types of grants so it's pretty much a first come first serve basis.My neighbour and his wife are elderly folks and it took them three years of repeated applications to finally get the good luck hope this answers your question
Some municipalities will offer grant programs to encourage homeowners to invest in their homes. Usually the programs require you to meet income standards and sometimes they require that you stay in your home for a particular number of years.
If your home was damaged in storm that had a disaster declaration, there is a good chance you can borrow money from the government to fix what was not covered by insurance and to make improvements so your home will not be sustain damage again.

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