A job for 12 year old?

Question:My niece whats like a little summer job, like baby sitting, or volunteering at a nursery! She is really trustable and for a kid, she uis great with kids.Does anyone no a good job for her? ( i dotn tink she is old enough for baby sitting, i was just saying)

pet-sitting - that way someone can help if needed
mother's helping - (babysitting while the mom is home, just entertain the kids while the mom is busy or whatever)
maybe she could be in charge of cleaning up her house?
Walking neighbor's pets, and/or pet sitting! :)
My friend is 12 and she babysits... let her try if you think she's mature enough. She should learn the safety rules like learning how to put a fire out and stuff, and make sure she can cook well, because that's required with babysitting most of the time. When the time is right, ask her if she is willing to do it and not give up easily.
walking the neighbours pets, doing some chores around the house, cleaning cars, if you really think she is mature enough to babysit do what my parents did to me. Get her to look after the familys kids for a couple of hrs. Get her to feed the kids put on a dvd wash the dishes and tuck them into bed. I did this when i was 11 and i got payed $10 a hr for the 1st 3 hrs and $5 every hour after that.

this should earn her a few extra bucks.
Dog sitter is what my neighbors do for us. He is about her age and his little brother loves to come help. When we go away we give them a key and they come twice a day to feed and walk our dogs. This might be good for her, many people go away during the summer. She could also walk peoples dogs for them during the day while they are at work.
She can always do volunteer work at the hospital(which you do for free), unless you are in it for the money. If she wants to do a job just for the money, then I suggest starting out by walking the neighborhood dogs, only I don't think that she will make alot of money doing that.
or do you have a ymca around they might want some sort of help.
paper rout
there some camps around that look for help
At 12 she can't do much, with child labour laws and such. But babysitting is good, walking neighbor's pets, helping neighbor's with yardwork.
I would say babysitting children older than 3 and possibly walking dogs. I would NOT recommend pet sitting. There is a great deal of liability involved in that kind of job. What is she going to do if the pet becomes ill while in her care? Is she responsible enough to have a key to someone's home? Will her parent's homeowners insurance cover if something happens in the home, while she has the key? What would she do if the dog got away from her?
Even dog walking may be a bit much for a 12 year. There is still some liability there but not as much.
I would say babysitting or she needs to find other activities to entertain her.

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