Any way to get rid of DSL based upon impaired judgment at the time they were obtained? Scarcasm unappreciated.

Question:I have been told by a psychologist friend that she has been successful in "certifying" some of her patients who were clinically impaired (i.e. disabled) at the time they took out their loans. In that a huge amount has already been repaid by me (more than $100,000 on an original loan of $24K!!) I would like to take advantage of this "loophole" if it exists as she described. Have been unable to find documents and forms but know she wasn't making it up. Sarcastic answers will be reported as abuse. This is a serious question. Thank you.

Did you really mean that you had already paid back ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, because that is the amount you wrote. Doesn't make sense since you then stated that your loan was TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND.

So, not trying to be sarcastic, look over your question again.

As to trying to sneak out of your loan.why? Aren't you working? And yes, owing thousands of dollars is not a pleasant prospect, but you do owe it. If you are having honest, financial hardships, then talk with the leader about restructuring the loans, or deferring them. But I think lying about impairment is a just wrong in so many ways.
Well, if you were really impaired at the time you purchased DSL then go ahead and call the company they might be sympathetic toward you, but if your just trying to take advantage of this I suggest you don't it is very unethical and just wrong. Hope this helps.

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