50% of charges are due or classes may be dropped?

Question:I'm having problems with my FAFSA application. Verification is taking longer than expected which is delaying the process. I only have one week to pay 50% of my tuition before some of my classes 'may be dropped'. If I pay the 50% personally, will I be reimbersed if I recieve federal funding? I'd rather not fork over the money but I'm in packed classes with waiting lists and don't want to be dropped.

Is the delay happening in the financial aid office? If so, ask them to contact the business office for a deferral of your tuition and fees payment. It's the least they could do if the delay is on their end. If it's on your end, you'll need to pay the funds out of pocket. Once your financial aid comes through then you will be reimbursed those funds.
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