A need legal advice from experts, My friend has been wrongly acussed of a scam?

Question:Please if you are a real lawyer, help me! My friend decided to buy a new puppy, so she went to this site called Terrific Pets.com and decided to e-mail breeders for more pictures and info of the puppies. yesterday she recieved an e-mail from a breeder telling her that the website told her that my friend was committing a scam! So my friend decided to contact the website and wrote them an e-mail trying to explain herself, they replied by saying that she was a scammer and that they gave her info to the FBI. What can she do? What are going to do to her? Should she worry? Please Help!

Was she selling puppies? If not then she needs to react NOW. You may have had a 'breeder" who overreacted.

In no uncertain terms - she should reply to him/her that she was asking for information only because hse wanted to buy a puppie. And if the breeder continues she would have to consult an attorney about the libelous report they filed.
if this was just an email sent with q's like...how old/what type/have shots?...etc.what are the grounds? this sounds like a scam on the other end...tell your frind to NOT give ANY info about herself.no name, phone number, ANYTHING. then, i would call my local BBB (better buisness beauru-sp?) and check this company/website out. then make a report with them about the website claiming 'scam'. the BBB will let you know if you need to do anything further. if your friend has given them ANY personal info, i would call law enforcement...these could be weirdos and i just wouldnt wait and see. good luck!!

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