Anybody know how much it cost to go to Penn State University per year.?

Question:I will be taking forensic science classes.

Here is the tuition for 2006-7 (2007-8 is probably a bit more). If you're a Pennsylvania resident, tuition is $11,646 ($5,823 per semester). If you're a non-PA resident, tuition is $22,194 ($11,097 per semester). That's for University Park Campus.


There's also an activities fee (~$60) and an Information Technology fee (~$100).

Here's a site to calculate your cost estimate for tuition or for total expenses:
In-state or out of state tuition? Are you living on campus or at home? Check out their website to get a better idea. As a freshman at Pitt, several years ago, I probably paid @$18,000/year for tuition, room & board, books. Also check out the FAFSA site to apply for financial aid.

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