Anyone know any good student loan lenders?

Question:i have HORRIBLE credit and am trying to take out a second student loan without a co-signer. does anyone know a good lender that may work with me?

Try They allow you to apply for a federal stafford loan as well as a personal loan if you want to. I've found them to be pretty good at approving students for loans. If they don't work for you try searching the internet through google or ask jeeves.
A couple of questions first. Did you fill out a FAFSA for this year to see if you are eligible for financial aid? If you haven't visit, if you have never done this, you should definitely start.

The government uses good 'ol Sallie Mae as their lender for student financial aid, and it is possible that you would be able to get a loan through them without the FAFSA filled out, but I don't know.

Whatever you do, try and make sure that you don't have to start paying the loan back until six or nine months after you stop attending school. Most loan places probably do this, but there is no reason to pay on it now, when you can wait until you have a good job.

Lists ALL the lenders out there and their rates. I would go with a reputable company, though. Your financial aid office will point you in the right direction. They usually can provide a list of the lenders they have researched and recommend. I highly doubt they will recommend My Rich Uncle.

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