About $1750 in federal aid loan means $14,000 in debt. Is this good.?

Question:I filld out my FAFSA and received a $1750 subsidized loan. If I were to receive this same amount for the next four years each semester it would be $14,000 in no interest student loans. Is this too much I know some federal loans can be repayed by working but I'm not going to be a teacher or a nurse the only two careers I know of with this option. Can anyone help it doen't sound like a lot now but I'm not sure iif I'll land the type of job right out of college to handle these types of payments. I don't even have a job right now.

First, you aren't expected to have a job right now or even when you first get out of college. Your payments don't start until 6 months after you either graduate or drop below half time in college. After that if you still don't have a job then you can apply for a deferment and if you qualify you can defer (postpone) your payments for 6 or 12 months at a time depending on what you qualify for. The approximate payments based on the current interestrate (6.8%) would be $160, but there are always options to possibly lower your payments as well. Don't worry about it right now. Your college education will pay you back tenfold in the long run! Lenders are always willing to work with you if your situation is not ideal.
Not to panic.
If you're under- (or un-) employed, your loan can be deferred (one year at a time) until income is established. They wait, they don't take it out of your hide.
Don't worry about it. Your payments will be low. $14g isn't bad compared to my $40g.
Go online for govt grants, then check out the different types of loans, like student loans, you get a good deal if you go this way. but go for what it will cost you for 4 years +expenses. I believe you can only apply once. If I'm not mistaken its a goverment loan that you may not have to pay back. but check on it first to be sure.( Its for people that can't afford, but want to learn).
You say you don't have a job right now - maybe you need to GET a job right now. You might be able to get by with borrowing less each term.

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