Anybody have any good ideas for moving, college, and money matters?

Question:Here's the whole deal:
I'm moving to miami and I need an affordable apartment(ideally less than $700) near the Miami International University of Art and Design. I also need furniture for the apartment and any creative ideas to make this whole ordeal easier would be very much appreciated. Lastly, the biggest issue of all, what savvy ideas do you have regarding my financial issues for paying for tuition, room, and board? Thanks all!

One little piece of advice..No matter how tempted you are to get a credit card.Do not do it.! I don't care if you get a free hat.Do not do it... If it's your first yr.. most colleges make you live on campus... I would start by getting some type of employment either on/off campus... If you stay oncampus furniture should be provided. If off look at thrift stores, stuff you may/may not want to move home..If you want to move it home- go to IKEA their stuff is resonable and you can take it apart... Get your book list and try to buy your books used or online... That will help a lot !! Good Luck

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first of all $700.00 month for rent will get you a bedroom in someones you probably will not need furniture. if you do find a place, look to thrift stores for what you need, they are very reasonable and you can find great things and buys.plenty of jobs in the service industry. so many bars or restaurants and you can make great $

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