Are stafford loans the cheapest route?

Question:I"m a college student..not much credit...and from what i heard stafford loan rates move..and r not't that really probably isnt cheaper than getting a bank loan ...the bank rate is fixed and it seems cheaper...i thought govt loans would be!@

na use bank of america best place to get intrest cuts
They WERE variable. They are now fixed at 6.8%. Have you checked out bank loans?

If your Stafford loan is subsidized, the gov't pays the interest while you are in school. You also have a 6 month 'grace period' after you graduate before you have to pay back the loans.

In general, a federal loan is better than a private loan.

Remember a Stafford loan is a "bank loan". It's a federally regulated program but you borrowing the bank's money. It's just more regulated.

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