Are student loans available for living expenses if I'm not able to work?

Question:I am entering nursing school in the fall and have heard it is next to impossible to work and be a nursing student. Are student loans available for living expenses, if I'm not able to work? My credit is also not the greatest. Fair at best.

It generally depends on the type of loans you are getting and the college you are enrolled at. Most student loans, such as those from the government, are paid the the college or university that you are enrolled at and as such you cannot use them form personal living expenses.

However, their are a number of private student loans on the market which can be paid to the student. In the case of these loans you will have to check details of the loan agreement to ensure that they can be used for personal living expenses.
Student loans can generally be used for any expenses while you're in college. Just be careful and borrow only what you absolutely need because payback can be hell.
The first response is partly right - loan monies are paid to the school.

However, the school should factor in things like room and board, travel, etc as part of their need calculation. Anything left over after your aid has been applied to your student account should be able to be refunded to you to pay living expenses, etc.

Paying back loans can be challenging. Borrow enough to meet your needs.

Private loans don't usually have the best terms. I'd avoid them if you can. Talk with your school's aid office about your options.
A good friend of mine is a nursing student, works full-time, and has two kids under age 3. If you are committed to just working and school, you can do both. A lot of loan companies will say "you CAN'T work, or you WON'T work"...there is a difference. I totally hear what you're saying, but you are able to work...physically, mentally, etc.
Oh ok... I got this for you...

better check on it... Im pretty sure you'll discover something
You can ask these guys if they don't know they will find out and call you back.
You can apply for loans up to the cost of attendance (tuition + living expenses)

Once your term bill is paid, if there are remaining funds your school will issue a refund check.

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