Are there any hospitals in the US that pay off your student loans for working there? I am an RN.?

I'm not sure about that but you may be eligible for some loan forgiveness through the government. Contact your lender/servicer and ask about loan forgiveness for healthcare providers.
There may be State programs that you can work for that will. These programs generally require that you work in a critical shortage nursing facility, specialty, or field.

For instance, in Oregon we have a program that will pay off some debt each year if you agree to work in a rural health clinic, or in a specialty that is considered to have a critical need.

Check with your State's Board of Nursing to see what they say.
I don't recomend it. It take too long to pay it off. Like half of your life.
Oh ok... I got this for you...

better check on it... Im pretty sure you'll discover something

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